20:30 UTC - 03/02/2022

Rugged Rats

Rugged rats have been rugged in the rat race and need new homes.!

RuggedRatRacers game🚦 + Metaverse integration.


Only Minting On Magic Eden


In hopes of saving the rare Rugged Rats from the Rat Race, the Rats were tasked with finding a way to change their situation and understanding how they can live at peace and serenely.

After what felt like a never ending feeling of being under constant fear and suffering to provide and fend for themselves; in efforts to better their future, the RuggedRats found a way to escape the RAT RACE and leave the cursed rugville for good.

The art is incredibly unique and versatile with a lot of care for detail and all have been digitally touched up and cleaned up by hand. The first Pixelated Rats on Solana ecoysystem.


Total Supply: 5524

The genesis is the most unique of it's kind, RuggedRats are an exclusive part of the whole collection and concept of this whole project.

Holders will be airdropped a Cheese NFT or Genesis Seed. These can be consumed to transform your RuggedRat or simply be held for your collection.

Holders will gain access to investing in early stages project developments (private sales) and general crypto market education.

Holders will have access to our P2E game on a platform. Players will be able to play our RuggedRatRacers game and earn $Naka tokens.

Partnership with Uponly platform to provide data on our NFTs on their data/prediction markets platform.

RuggedRats weekly comic series with hidden set of coordinates in each comic for readers and community to find in order to win giveaways and prizes.


Frequently Asked Question

When is the launch date?

We're targeting a launch date mid january 2022. The best way to keep abreast of the official launch date is to join our Discord and follow our Twitter account.

Where does my NFT go after I purchase?

Your RuggedRat NFT's will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase. You can see your transaction history by clicking on your wallet address in the header or view all minted tokens on Magic Eden.

Can I resell my RuggedRat?

Yes! You can list your NFT on a supported Solana NFT Marketplace.

Are the images stored on IPFS?

Yes, once all NFT's have been minted, we will upload all images to IPFS where they will live until the end of time.

When will the RuggedRatsRacers game be launched?

The RuggedRatRacers game is currently in development. Game will be playable on desktop as well as mobile and most electronic touchscreen devices. For further details of release stay updated in our Discord and Twitter!